I wrote these articles available through Anthrosource:

Morrell, Andrea. 2018. “Policing the Carceral State: Prisons and Panic in an Upstate New York Prison Town.” Transforming Anthropology 26(1): 50–62.
Morrell, Andrea. 2012. “‘Municipal Welfare’ and the Neoliberal Prison Town: The Political Economy of Prison Closures in New York State.” North American Dialogue. 15:2:43-39.

and this review of a terrific book by Andrea S. Boyles also available through Anthrosource:

Morrell, Andrea. “Race, Place, and Suburban Policing Too Close for Comfort. Andrea S. Boyles, Oakland: University of California Press, 2015, 268 Pp.” City & Society 29, no. 2 (August 2017). doi:10.1111/ciso.12120.

I am working on a book about race, class, and the carceral state in Elmira, New York.